Place Value

Place value is an important fundamental mathematical concept that kids need to learn. Help kids understand this property of numbers with our fun place value worksheets for kids!

Place value worksheet for kids

Tens, Ones, and More!

What if your child could be taught place value with the help of diagrams? Adopt the easiest way to introduce kindergarten kids to place value ... See more

Slotting Numbers – place value printable

Slotting Numbers

Helping kids learn place value with boxes lined up in columns of tens and single numbers is a great way to start their math. See more

Place Value in Millions – free Math Worksheet

Place Value in Millions

This free printable worksheet on place value will come to the kids’ rescue! Learn to express simple and complex numbers ...See more

Learning Place Value with a Chart – place value pritable worksheet

Learning Place Value with a Chart

How about downloading a place value chart and hanging it from your class soft board for the students to have a look whenever they feel like? See more

Count My Age! - Determining place value Worksheets

Count My Age!

When kids are done with practicing beginners’ level place value worksheets, they can move to a worksheet like this one where they got to count... See more

Complexly Placed Values – Grade Math Worksheet

Complexly Placed Values

Students will have to write numbers to the hundred thousand places in standard form and expanded notations in ‘Complexly Placed Values’.See more

A Number of Fruits – Grade Math Worksheet

A Number of Fruits

‘A Number of Fruits’ is a fun way to explain to kids that 2 more than are equal to the result of 40 and 2! Place value is a great teaching tool ... See more

Place value worksheet for kids

Add Up Places

‘Add Up Places’ is a disguised place value worksheet! After practicing plenty of simple, introductory place value worksheets ...See more

Missing Place Value – place value printable

Missing Place Value

‘Missing Place Value’ is an intermediate place value worksheet that is a conglomeration of three actions – identifying place values ...See more

Place Values and More – free Math Worksheet

Place Values and More

After introducing place value to kids with ‘Tens and Ones Places’ and practicing a little bit of it with ‘free math worksheet' ...See more

Right Value of Place – place value pritable worksheet

Right Value of Place

‘Right Value of Place’ will be a joyride for the little ones who have just been introduced to the concept of place value.See more

Tens and Ones Places - Determining place value Worksheets

Tens and Ones Places

‘Tens and Ones Places’ is the perfect place value worksheet to introduce kids to the concept. Simplistically developed,...See more

Shuffling Numbers – 4th Grade Math Worksheet

Shuffling Numbers

Help 4th graders get friendly with the concept of place value and make various combinations of numbers to answer the questions in the worksheet. Fun times ahead! See more

Understanding Place Value – 4th Grade Math Worksheet

Understanding Place Value

Does your fourth grader understand the basics of place value? Has she mastered and honed her place value skills? Here is a fun way to find out! See more

Value It – 3rd Grade Math Worksheet

Value It

This free, printable place value worksheet for 3rd grade is a great way of finding out the level of place value proficiency that your little ones possess. See more

Writing Big Numbers – 2nd Grade Math Worksheet

Writing Big Numbers

This free, printable place value worksheet for kids is the perfect aide to teach your little learners how to write big numbers. See more

Hundreds of Numbers - Determining place value Worksheets

Hundreds of Numbers

Help third graders familiarize themselves thoroughly with the hundreds place! See more

Tens and Ones Addition – 1st Grade Math Worksheet

Tens and Ones Addition

>Does your 1st grader ‘get’ the concept of place values? Have him do this fun worksheet where all he needs to do is count the groups of ten apples and the groups of single apples.See more

Tens and Ones Grouping – 1st Grade Math Worksheet - Math Blaster

Tens and Ones Grouping

This printable worksheet helps 1st graders learn about place values in an engaging manner. After this, your child will be ready to move on to more advanced concepts sooner than you thought! See more

Camp Ladybug - Determining place value through 100

Camp Ladybug

The ladybugs are on their way to the camp. Get kids to help the Worm figure out how many ladybugs are in each of the four buses by using all their place values knowledge! See more


Know Your Place - Printable Place Value Worksheet for Kids

Know Your Place

'Know Your Place’ is a printable place value worksheet for kids that will teach them everything to do with the concept. See more


Place Values - Printable Place Value Worksheets for Kids

Place Value

‘Place Values’ math worksheet will help kids grasp the fact that different digits take on different values based on their position. See more


Dodecahedron Decimals - Math Worksheets & Activities for Grade 5

Dodecahedron Decimals

Teach kids place values with our fun place value game ‘Dodecahedron Decimals’! This match activity is a great way to engage kids and make them experts on this topic. See more


Enchanted Forest

The Enchanted Forest

The Enchanted Forest’ helps 4th graders practice identifying place values in the decimal system. Once they’ve mastered this lesson, learning more about decimals will be a lot easier. See more


Place Value

Place value is an important fundamental mathematical concept that kids need to learn. Help kids understand this property of numbers with place value worksheets for kids!

Place Value Worksheets for Kids

Digits take on different values based on their place and position in a number. While most of us understand and take for granted that the value of 5 in 650 is not the same as its value in 560, kids might take longer to grasp this.

Place value plays an important role especially when kids learn about decimal numbers. Parents can talk about place value casually at home to help familiarize kids with it. Worksheets on place value are an effective way to get kids to practice this concept. Kids learn about units, tens, hundreds, etc. They begin to understand that each digit is 10 times the value of the digit to its right. Gradually, they pick up the fact that each digit can represent a different value based on its position in a number.

Kids need to know the concept of place value to carry out mathematical operations with big numbers and even with decimal numbers. It also helps them learn to round off numbers and form estimations.

Free and Printable Worksheets on Place Value

There are many free and printable place value worksheets available online! A convenient way to get kids to practice and learn the concept, these worksheets are a useful resource for homeschooling parents as well as teachers. Start kids off with simple problems so that they grasp the basic idea behind place values. Gradually, move them on to tougher problems and time them when they’re solving place value worksheets to gauge their understanding of the concept.

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