Circle Worksheets

Worksheets on circles are a great way to teach kids important formula and other facts related to circles. Knowing how to calculate the radius and diameter of a circle will come into use in advanced studies as students grow up. ‘Circles’ is an important topic covered in elementary Geometry and requires a good understanding of Geometry and measurements. Circle worksheets are, therefore, a great way to test a child’s understanding and grasp over the topic. Math Blaster’s free circle worksheets can be downloaded and used multiple times in the classroom or at home.

Circle or Not– Easy Circles Worksheet

Circle or Not

This kindergarten math worksheet gives your students practice differentiating between circles and other shapes.See more

Circle Parts– Free Circle Worksheet

Circle Parts

Use this free math worksheet to give your kids practice identifying the parts of a circle, and learning how to refer to them.See more

Circle Word Problems – Easy Circles Worksheet

Circle Word Problems

Give your students practice solving circle word problems related to basic concepts such as radius, diameter, circumference and area of circles.See more

Circle and Arcs – Free Circle Worksheet

Circles and Arcs

With this printable circles worksheet, kids learn the formula for the length of the arc in a circle, and how to apply the formula in different situations. See more

Formulae for Circles– Free Circles Worksheet

Formulae for Circles

Help your kids learn the formulae for area of a circle, perimeter of a circle, radius of a circle and diameter of a circle with this math worksheet.See more

Is it Circular? – Free Circles Worksheet

Is it Circular?

This fun math worksheet is a great way to help young kids recognize circles in everyday objects. It will also help them realize when an object is not a circle.See more

Where are your Circles? – Free Circles Worksheet

Where are your Circles?

Help this ladybug out by completing the circles on its left wing and drawing new circles on its right wing. See more

Area of a Section – Free Circles Worksheet for Fifth Grade

Area of a Section

'Area of a Section' is a free and printable circles worksheet will help fifth graders understand the relationship between angles and areas of a section of a circle.See more

Basics of Circles – Free Geometry Worksheet for 3rd Grade

Basics of Circles

Ease your kids into the world of geometrical shapes and their properties by introducing them to free geometry worksheets like ‘Basics of a Circle'.See more

Calculate Radii – Free Printable Circle Worksheet for Fourth Grade

Calculate Radii

'Calculate Radii' is a fun and printable circle worksheet for fourth graders that teaches them to calculate the value of radii using the formula A = πR2.See more

Circle Geometry – Free Circle Worksheet for 3rd Grade

Circle Geometry

This free and printable geometry worksheet for third grade will introduce the kids to the different properties of a circle.See more

Circumference of a Circle – Free Fourth Grade Circles Worksheet

Circumference of a Circle

‘Circumference of a Circle’ is a fun, free, and printable circle worksheet for fourth grade that teaches kids to calculate the areas of those circles whose radii or diameters are known.See more

Decipher Diameter – Free 4th Grade Circle Worksheet

Decipher Diameter

‘Decipher Diameter’ is fun math worksheet for 4th grade that teaches kids to decipher the diameter of a circle where the value of the perimeter is known.See more

Going in Circles – Free Area of a Circle Worksheet for 4th Graders

Going in Circles

‘Going in Circles’ is free and printable geometry worksheet that teaches fourth graders to calculate the area of a circle whose radius is known.See more

Identify the Angles – Printable Circles Worksheet for 5th Grade

Identify the Angles

In this printable circle worksheet, fifth graders are expected to identify whether the angles subtended at the center are acute, right or obtuse angles.See more

Off on a Tangent – Free 5th Grade Circle Worksheet

Off on a Tangent

‘Off on a tangent’ is a fun circle worksheet for fifth grade that serves as the perfect introduction to tangents for the kids. See more

Squares and Circles – Printable 5th Grade Circle Worksheet

Squares and Circles

This worksheet is a good lesson in the properties of both circles and squares for fifth graders.See more

Area and Circumference of a Circle

The area and circumference of a circle need to be measured while solving complicated problems and worksheets involving Trigonometry and advanced Geometry. Students can be asked to measure, and learn in the process, the diameter of a paper glass or a plate randomly. These fun math activities will pique the child’s interest in solving circles worksheets and hold them in good stead.

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