Time Problems

Teach your little ones all they need to know about the concept of time by introducing them to Math Blaster's time problems for kids. Check out our free and printable math problems today!

Order the Month – Free Time Worksheet for 1st Grade - Math Blaster

Order the Month

‘Order the Month’ is a month and time worksheet for 1st grade kids that will initiate their interest in months... See more

Match the Times – Free Time Worksheet for 2nd Grade - Math Blaster

Match the Times

'Match the Time' is a perfect time worksheet for 2nd grade kids because the math printable gives them... See more

Read the Time – Free Time Worksheet for 3rd Grade - Math Blaster

Read the Time

Kids will love the time printable - Read the Time - as it requires them to both read the time, and draw! See more

TV Guide – Free Time Worksheet for 3rd Grade - Math Blaster

TV Guide

‘TV Guide’ is a free time printable that helps kids learn time with a constructive and cognitive approach. See more

Many Clocks – Free Time Worksheet for 3rd Grade - Math Blaster

Many Clocks

If you read out the time to your kid, how well will she be able to draw it? It’s time to test her skills with analogue clocks and watches. See more

Draw the Time – Free Time Worksheet for 3rd Grade - Math Blaster

Draw the Time

It’s time to test how well your kid can read time from analogue clocks and watches.This free time worksheet tests... See more

Draw Clocks – Free Time Worksheet for 3rd Grade - Math Blaster

Draw Clocks

Has your little one learnt to tell time promptly enough from analogue clocks? If not, this time worksheet ... See more

Time Your Time – Free Time Worksheet for 3rd Grade - Math Blaster

Time Your Time

Kids learn better when they can relate the lesson to their life – this math worksheet is such.See more

Routine Maker – Free 3rd Grade Time Worksheet - Math Blaster

Routine Maker

How long does your kid take to finish off her homework from school? How long does she play after school?See more

Tell the Time – Fun Math Time Worksheet for First Grade - Math Blaster

Tell the Time -1

Even if it’s the time for digital watches, it’s still essential for kids to develop a sound understanding of reading time from analogue watches – for they’ll remain timeless! See more

Free Online Time Problems for Kids

As kids progress to middle school, they are expected to understand the concept of time and be able to solve problems related to it. However, time is a vast concept and often, the lessons learnt in school are not enough to have thorough understanding of the concept and to master it. Math Blaster's online time problems for kids give them the chance to practice hundreds of problems related to time till they gain the confidence required to ace the concept. These free time problems have been designed to cater to the varied demands of kids learning it. Whether it is basic problems that you are looking for or are in need of more advanced ones, Math Blaster's vast range of printable time problems has something for everyone.

Find the ones that best suit the needs of your kids by browsing through our collection of free time problems for kids. Print them out now!

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