Proportion Problems

Knowing how to state ratios as fractions and setting them as equals by cross-multiplying and resolving the resulting equation is the most used way of solving proportion word problems. Students are likely to move gradually to proportion story problems once they check out and try these proportion activities  and proportion worksheets  that are more fun and less challenging.

Make Proportion - proportion worksheet

Make Proportion

Make peace with proportion problems with this easy, fun proportion worksheet! With a given set of numbers, students have to ...See more

Missing Proportion - Division Printable for Kids

Missing Proportion

Knowing how to calculate proportions is an integral part of our daily lives! Its application in simple tasks like cooking, exercising, and driving ... See more

More Proportions - Division Printable for Kids

More Proportions

Just as its name suggests, ‘More Proportion’ is a simple, fun, proportion worksheet that offers plenty of practice to the kids.See more

Plenty of Proportion - Division Printable for Kids

Plenty of Proportion

Proportions are used in our daily lives to estimate prices of things and compare a figure with another. You can apply proportions in the simplest of daily tasks, ...See more

Proportional or Not - Division Printable for Kids

Proportional or Not

Proportional or Not’ is a beginner-level proportion worksheet that tests students’ preliminary understanding of the concept. See more

Proportions and Rates – Free 3rd Grade Division Worksheet - Math Blaster

Proportions and Rates

How important it is to learn proportion? Is it important at all? You will have the answer once you are introduced to the concept of proportion in your class.See more

Proportion-X – proportion worksheet


After solving elementary proportion worksheets like ‘Plenty of Proportion’ and ‘More Proportions’ one after another, ...See more

Free Proportion Word Problems

Word problems are always the second step to problem-solving in advanced math. Students initially try worksheets and interesting activities that help them develop an affinity for the concept and later move along the course to math word problems. These word problems come with answer keys that help students identify where they went wrong and rectify their process of solving the proportion problems worksheets.

Solving Proportion Problems

Solving proportion story problems will become easy once students download and solve the activities and worksheets. The word problems require a little more advanced understanding of the concept and an in-depth analysis of the problem. They can be solved only if students are in sync with the concept of ration and proportion. So, download the free proportion problems and get going!

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