Math Sums

Math can be a tough subject to master. Help kids learn the subject well by having them solve math sums and problems! You can choose from our wide range of math worksheets and activities that cover primary and middle school math topics.


Beautiful Butterflies – Math Practice for Kids – Math Blaster

Beautiful Butterflies

In this math worksheet, students practice adding and subtracting to balance equations as they put each of the beautiful butterflies in their right places. See more


Calculator Match – Math Problems for Kids – Math Blaster

Calculator Match

Test your mathematical ability by solving math problems and comparing your answers with the calculator’s in ‘Calculator Match’. See more


Around the World – Fun Math Worksheet for Kids – Math Blaster

Around the World

“Around the World” is a fun math worksheet that will have students traveling around the world and back in a fraction of the time it took Phileas Fogg. See more


A Penny for Your Name – Addition Problems for Second Grade – Math Blaster

A Penny for Your Name

With values for each letter, students add the values of the letters in their names to find out whose name is the most valuable. See more


Sum Rocky Solutions - Addition Sums for 2nd Grade

Sum Rocky Solutions

In Sum Rocky Solutions, kids solve the sums on the rocks so that the princess allows CJ and Edison to use them to practice on their catapult. Some of the addition problems may need regrouping. See more


Addition problems

Up a Tree

Give kids some addition practice with ‘Up a Tree’, a fun addition worksheet for kids. See more


Addition problems - addition

Ring Toss

Help kids sharpen their addition skills with ‘Ring Toss’, a challenging addition worksheet for kids. See more


Addition and subtraction, fact families

Space Numbers

Help your kids understand the concept of fact families with ‘Space Numbers’, a fun worksheet on addition and subtraction fact families. See more


What's For Dinner - Subtraction Problems for Kids

What's for Dinner?

Solve our ‘What’s For Dinner?’ subtraction worksheet to find out what the Martians have cooked for dinner! See more


In Line - Simple Subtraction Worksheet for Kids

In Line

Ah! This is interesting. There’s something about the answers to all the subtraction problems in the ‘In Line’ worksheet. See more


Fun Multiplication Worksheet for Kids

Cross-Number Puzzle

We’ve all done crossword puzzles. This worksheet is a printable crossword puzzle with a twist – the clues are math problems! See more


Multiplication and Division Worksheet

Number Triangles

Teach your kids about fact families with this fun printable math worksheet! See more


Paint Job - Printable Multiplication Worksheet for Kids

Paint Job

It’s time to paint to space cycle! Exciting, isn’t it? But what is this? The colors that need to be used are coded! See more


Fun Multiplication and Division Worksheet

Equivalents Maze

Try and find your way out of this one! This fun printable math worksheet will test your kids' multiplication and division skills. See more


Printable Division Worksheet for Kids

Prove Yourself

Challenge your kids to a division test! Gauge how well they know their division with our ‘Prove Yourself’ division worksheet for kids. See more


Practice Math with Math Sums for Kids

Math can be a tough subject to master. Help kids learn the subject well by having them solve math sums and problems!

Practice makes perfect. One of the best ways for kids to get better at math is by attempting math sums and problems of varying levels of difficulty.

From simple single-digit sums to more challenging 3-digit ones, there are many kinds of free math sums available online. You can choose from addition sums, subtraction sums, multiplication sums or even division sums. There are numerous problems under each separate topic!

It is important that every time you introduce a child to a new concept, you explain it well and in detail. Once kids have grasped a concept, they must be given many sums to practice and execute what they have learned. It is the easiest way to gauge the amount they have understood as well as to help them gain a better understanding of the concept.

Math Sums, Worksheets and Games

Math sums are used in many math games and worksheets. From kindergarten worksheets to 6th grade math worksheets and kindergarten math games to 6th grade math games, all of them include some kind of math sum or the other to get kids to sharpen their math skills.

The virtual worlds at Math Blaster and JumpStart have a wide collection of math sums for kids! A mix of both fun and learning, these games encourage kids to solve math problems to gain more points. So get the little ones hooked on our exciting math games and watch them zoom to the head of the class!

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