Decimal Problems

Solving decimal problems goes a long way in helping students overcome their difficulties with the concept. Check out JumpStart's fun, free and printable collection of decimal problems for kids of all ages.


Dodecahedron Decimals - Math Worksheets & Activities for Grade 5

Dodecahedron Decimals

Teach kids place values with our fun place value game ‘Dodecahedron Decimals’! This match activity is a great way to engage kids and make them experts on this topic. See more


Adding Decimals – Free Decimal Worksheet - Math Blaster

Adding Decimals

Learning to add decimal numbers is easy, but it takes a little while to get used to it. Let your fifth graders practice the problems in this decimal worksheet to help them learn to add decimal numbers. See more

Decimal Place Values – Free 3rd Grade Decimal Worksheet - Math Blaster

Decimal Place Values

Kids are familiar with the place values of the numbers before the decimal point, but the numbers after the decimal point are unusual for third graders. Teach your students the decimal place values with this free worksheet. See more

Decimals as Fractions – Free 3rd Grade Decimal Worksheet - Math Blaster

Decimals as Fractions

Use this simple decimal worksheet to show third graders how decimals and fractions are related. With images depicting tenths and hundredths, get them to represent the fractions in decimals. See more

Fractions and Decimals – Free 3rd Grade Decimal Worksheet - Math Blaster

Fractions and Decimals

Fractions and decimals are interrelated. Teach your third graders how decimals are converted to fractions and vice versa with this simple decimal worksheet.See more

Move that Dot – Free 4th Grade Decimal Worksheet - Math Blaster

Move that Dot

When teaching your students how to multiply decimals, it is best to begin with multiples of 10. Use the examples and practice problems in this worksheet to help your students understand the concept.See more

Decimal Problems

Children begin working on decimal problems quite early in their schooling. Decimal problems being one of the first classroom encounters with numbers that are not whole, this is a big step for young learners, and is easier for some than it is for others. However, a little bit of practice solving decimal problems will go a long way in overcoming difficulties with decimals.

Different Kinds of Decimal Problems

In the beginning, decimal problems are for the most part confined to place value problems, wherein students are asked to identify the value and place value of various parts of a decimal number. Such decimal problems help students familiarize themselves with decimal numbers. With time, students move on to more complex decimal problems, like comparing decimals, converting decimals and adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing decimals. To be able to solve the different kinds of decimal problems with ease, students must fully understand the concept of decimal numbers and their relation to whole numbers and fractions.

Decimal Word Problems

Decimal word problems help students recognize the central role decimal numbers play in our everyday lives. In decimal word problems, students come across decimal numbers as monetary values, distances on road trips, the weight of various objects and the time scores of runners, to name a few examples. This helps students think beyond decimals as mere numbers. Solving decimal word problems is an important step to getting better at solving decimal problems in general.

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