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Check out our collection of fun, free math problems for kids! From addition to fractions, decimals to percentage, you can find a wide array of math problems right here.

Place value worksheet for kids

Tens, Ones, and More!

What if your child could be taught place value with the help of diagrams? Adopt the easiest way to introduce kindergarten kids to place value ... See more

Slotting Numbers – place value printable

Slotting Numbers

Helping kids learn place value with boxes lined up in columns of tens and single numbers is a great way to start their math. See more

Place Value in Millions – free Math Worksheet

Place Value in Millions

This free printable worksheet on place value will come to the kids’ rescue! Learn to express simple and complex numbers ...See more

Learning Place Value with a Chart – place value pritable worksheet

Learning Place Value with a Chart

How about downloading a place value chart and hanging it from your class soft board for the students to have a look whenever they feel like? See more

Count My Age! - Determining place value Worksheets

Count My Age!

When kids are done with practicing beginners’ level place value worksheets, they can move to a worksheet like this one where they got to count... See more

Complexly Placed Values – Grade Math Worksheet

Complexly Placed Values

Students will have to write numbers to the hundred thousand places in standard form and expanded notations in ‘Complexly Placed Values’.See more

A Number of Fruits – Grade Math Worksheet

A Number of Fruits

‘A Number of Fruits’ is a fun way to explain to kids that 2 more than are equal to the result of 40 and 2! Place value is a great teaching tool ... See more


Place value worksheet for kids

Add Up Places

‘Add Up Places’ is a disguised place value worksheet! After practicing plenty of simple, introductory place value worksheets ...See more

Missing Place Value – place value printable

Missing Place Value

‘Missing Place Value’ is an intermediate place value worksheet that is a conglomeration of three actions – identifying place values ...See more

Place Values and More – free Math Worksheet

Place Values and More

After introducing place value to kids with ‘Tens and Ones Places’ and practicing a little bit of it with ‘free math worksheet' ...See more

Right Value of Place – place value pritable worksheet

Right Value of Place

‘Right Value of Place’ will be a joyride for the little ones who have just been introduced to the concept of place value.See more

Tens and Ones Places - Determining place value Worksheets

Tens and Ones Places

‘Tens and Ones Places’ is the perfect place value worksheet to introduce kids to the concept. Simplistically developed,...See more

Caught in the Web – Subtraction Problems for Second Grade – Math Blaster

Caught in the Web

Second graders use their subtraction skills to help Spider Maestro distinguish between the spiders in his orchestra in this fun subtraction worksheet, “Caught in the Web”. See more


Challenge! Construct Angles – Fun Geometry Worksheet for Kids -Math Blaster

Challenge! Construct Angles

Drawing angles is easy-peasy when you have a protractor, but it is also possible to draw angles without one. Challenge yourself to try and construct the angles in this worksheet without a protractor. See more


Beautiful Butterflies – Math Practice for Kids – Math Blaster

Beautiful Butterflies

In this math worksheet, students practice adding and subtracting to balance equations as they put each of the beautiful butterflies in their right places. See more


Boat Ride – Math Word Problems for Kids – Math Blaster

Boat Ride

In this math worksheet, students must figure out how many glasses of orange juice, grapefruit juice and apple juice to fetch for the passengers on the ferry. See more


Broken Glass – Multiplication Problems for Kids – Math Blaster

Broken Glass

When the king ordered for cut glass triangles, he didn’t mean for them to be broken! Unfortunately, now only a skilled multiplier can help put the broken pieces together again. Do you think you’re up to the task? See more


A Penny for Your Name – Addition Problems for Second Grade – Math Blaster

A Penny for Your Name

With values for each letter, students add the values of the letters in their names to find out whose name is the most valuable. See more


Angles of Polygons - Geometry Worksheet for Kids – Math Blaster

Angles of Polygons

"Angles of Polygons” is a simple yet comprehensive worksheet that familiarizes sixth graders with the formula used to determine the sum of the angles of a polygon. See more


Area of Parallelograms – Geometry Worksheet for Kids – Math Blaster

Area of Parallelograms

Do your students find geometry formulae difficult to remember? Well that’s sure to change with this geometry worksheet, “Area of Parallelograms”. See more


Area of Trapezoids - Geometry Worksheet for Kids – Math Blaster

Area of Trapezoids

This simple geometry worksheet will help your students understand how the formula for the area of a trapezoid is derived. See more


Area of Triangles - Geometry Worksheet for Kids - Math Blaster

Area of Triangles

One of the earliest geometry formulae learnt is that for the area of a triangle. Help your young learner arrive at the formula herself with this simple geometry worksheet for kids. See more


Bag of Beans - Subtraction Problems for Grade 4 – Math Blaster

Bag of Beans

“Bag of Beans” is a fun math worksheet that will have your students competing to complete subtraction problems. See more


Addition activities - Addition to 18

Bug Capture

Bug Capture is an addition game based on luck. Players roll two dice and add up the total, trying to get the right sum in each round. This game is perfect for practicing mental math. See more


Free math activities - adding and subtracting 2-digit numbers, greater than, less than

Chain of Clues

In Chain of Clues, players must read the clues on each other’s shirts and figure out the answer to each one, collecting signatures as they solve the clues. There’s a lot of addition and subtraction involved, making this game great for practicing mental math. See more


Free addition problems - place value, addition

Highway 99

Give kids some math practice by having them solve addition problems in ‘Highway 99’, our fun math activity for 1st graders. See more


Addition problems for kids - double digit addition

Frankie Goes Shopping

Teach first graders to solve double-digit addition problems with ‘Frankie Goes Shopping’, a fun math activity for kids! See more


Addition activities - addition

Even or Odd

Even or Odd is a fun printable card game, great for practicing mental math, addition and/or subtraction. See more


What's For Dinner - Subtraction Problems for Kids

What's for Dinner?

Solve our ‘What’s For Dinner?’ subtraction worksheet to find out what the Martians have cooked for dinner! See more


Addition activities - adding and subtracting 2-digit numbers

Target 50

Target 50 is a challenging math game that can be used to help kids develop their problem solving skills, addition and subtraction skills and mental math skills. See more


Frankie's Bingo Fun - Subtraction Problems for Kids

Frankie's Bingo Fun

Engage first graders with a fun math activity and have them solve simple subtraction problems with ‘Frankie’s Bingo Fun’! See more


Subtraction Stories - Fun Subtraction Activity

Subtraction Stories

Help kids solve subtraction problems with ‘Subtraction Stories’, a fun math activity for first graders! See more


King and Queen Drop the Beans - Addition and Subtraction Activity

King and Queen Drop the Beans

Give second graders some math practice and help them solve addition and subtraction problems with our fun math activity ‘King and Queen Drop the Beans’! See more

Number Patterns - Free Multiplication Activity

Number Patterns

Number Patterns is an activity that teachers can use to help their students understand multiplication better. The activity is about products and how they are related to each other. See more


As I Was Going - Fun Multiplication Activity

As I Was Going

Silly rhymes, funny drawings and lots of laughter – who would think this was a math activity? Students need to use their logical thinking and multiplication skills to solve the multiplication problems in this fun printable activity. See more


The Princess Counts by 2's and 5's - Fun Multiplication Activity

The Princess Counts by 2's and 5's

Help 3rd graders get better at solving multiplication problems with our fun math activity ‘The Princess Counts by 2’s and 5’s’. See more


Star Count - Fun Multiplication Activity

Star Count

Teach kids multiplication with our fun math activity for 2nd and 3rd graders ‘Star Count’. Solving multiplication problems won’t be a problem anymore! See more


Lattice Multiplication - Fun Multiplication Worksheet

Lattice Multiplication

Teach kids to solve multiplication problems using lattices with our fun ‘Lattice Multiplication’ worksheet! See more

Hot Potato - Fun Multiplication and Division Activity

Hot Potato

Help kids sharpen their mental math skills with ‘Hot Potato’. This fun math activity has fun multiplication and division problems that 3rd graders have to do mentally. See more


Sapphires and Rubies - Fun Division Activity

Sapphires and Rubies

See how well kids can solve division problems with ‘Sapphires and Rubies’, a fun math activity for fourth graders! See more


Divide and Conquer - Fun Division Activity

Divide and Conquer

Divide and Conquer is a math activity where groups of students compete to capture the highest number of states in America. And how do they capture them? By dividing, of course. See more


Dividend Challenge - Fun Math Activity for Kids

Dividend Challenge

Dividend Challenge is a fun game where students compete with each other to name as many division facts as possible to go with each dividend, drawn from a box. A couple of games will soon have your students solving division problems with ease! See more


Beat the Calculator - Fun Division Activity for Kids

Beat the Calculator

Get kids to solve division problems fast and sharpen their mental math skills with our fun ‘Beat the Calculator’ math activity! See more

Sum Rocky Solutions - Addition Sums for 2nd Grade

Sum Rocky Solutions

In Sum Rocky Solutions, kids solve the sums on the rocks so that the princess allows CJ and Edison to use them to practice on their catapult. Some of the addition problems may need regrouping. See more


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