2nd Grade Math Problems

Second grade is the time for 7 – 8-year-olds to review what they have learnt in first grade and strengthen their foundation in the subject. Check out our collection of second grade math problems to give the little ones some math practice!


Clock Work – Time Worksheet for Kids - Math Blaster

Clock Work

Help your young learner get better at reading analog clocks with this simple time worksheet, “Clock Work”. Students find out more about others’ routines and answer a few questions about their own in this fun worksheet for kids. See more


The Car Trains of Gridlokia – Addition and Subtraction Problems – Math Blaster

The Car Trains of Gridlokia

Help the traffic police manage Gridlokia’s traffic by solving the math problems and letting them know how many cars can be joined to form each train. See more


Cat and Rat – Fun Geometry Worksheet for Third Grade – Math Blaster

Cat and Rat

‘Cat and Rat’ is a cool geometry worksheet that shows kids how to design a maze of their own using only a grid and some tracing paper! See more


Calculator Match – Math Problems for Kids – Math Blaster

Calculator Match

Test your mathematical ability by solving math problems and comparing your answers with the calculator’s in ‘Calculator Match’. See more


Beautiful Butterflies – Math Practice for Kids – Math Blaster

Beautiful Butterflies

In this math worksheet, students practice adding and subtracting to balance equations as they put each of the beautiful butterflies in their right places. See more


Broken Glass – Multiplication Problems for Kids – Math Blaster

Broken Glass

When the king ordered for cut glass triangles, he didn’t mean for them to be broken! Unfortunately, now only a skilled multiplier can help put the broken pieces together again. Do you think you’re up to the task? See more


Boat Ride – Math Word Problems for Kids – Math Blaster

Boat Ride

In this math worksheet, students must figure out how many glasses of orange juice, grapefruit juice and apple juice to fetch for the passengers on the ferry. See more


Bag of Beans - Subtraction Problems for Grade 4 – Math Blaster

Bag of Beans

“Bag of Beans” is a fun math worksheet that will have your students competing to complete subtraction problems. See more


A Penny for Your Name – Addition Problems for Second Grade – Math Blaster

A Penny for Your Name

With values for each letter, students add the values of the letters in their names to find out whose name is the most valuable. See more


Free Math Problems for Second Graders

In this grade, kids need to be familiar with the concepts of addition and subtraction. While they may not be able to solve really tough problems, they should be comfortable with simple addition and subtraction of two- and three-digit numbers. Second grade math also includes basic geometry - being able to identify and draw different shapes like circles, quadrilaterals, triangles, parallelograms, etc. Kids are introduced to the concept of perimeter and learn to estimate and measure length, weight, and capacity.

Free and printable 2nd grade math problems are a great way to get the kids to practice the subject. It is important for homeschooling parents as well as teachers to monitor each child’s progress, identify their problem areas, and help them grow to like the subject. You can also engage the kids with printable 2nd grade math worksheets to gauge their understanding and get a better idea of what their problem areas are.

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