Math Skills

Good math skills help kids excel in subjects as diverse as physics, psychology and accounting. With just a little practice, children can make great improvements in their math skills.  Math Blaster has a large collection of worksheets and activities that parents and teachers can use to help kids develop and strengthen their math skills.


memory recalling

Memory Walk

Tired of sitting in class all day? Then Memory Walk is the perfect math activity. This outdoor activity helps students improve important skills needed for mathematics, like recalling and memory. See more


Visualizing, symmetry

Mirror Image

Mirror Image is a fun math activity where students get to experiment with symmetry. Mirror Image helps students develop important math skills like spatial visualization. See more


Developing spatial sense, drawing and the use of base plans

Block Buildings

Here’s a chance for your young mathematicians to play architects for a day. In Block Buildings, students practice drawing base plans and visualizing the buildings from different angles. See more


Sequencing, writing sequential directions, following written directions, mapping

You Are There!

Students will enjoy following directions to an unknown destination, and then drawing a map of the path they took in this fun outdoor activity. You Are There! teaches skills like mapping and following directions. See more


Number Families - Math Worksheets for Kids

Number Families

‘Number Families’ is a simple, fun math worksheet that homeschooling parents as well as teachers can use to help kids sharpen their math skills! See more


Inferring, decoding

Code Words

Turn your math class into a group of private eyes. Your students must decipher the code words given to them, with no key for help! See more


Visualizing, distinguishing tessellations

Cutout Competition

Cutout Competition is a fun game where players race to match cutouts and the sheets that they were cut from. Students practice spatial visualization skills, learn about tessellations and practice making shapes that tessellate. See more


Visualization, using coordinates

Draw ‘n Distort

In Draw ‘n Distort, students create drawings on grids, and then replicate their drawings on distorted grids using the coordinates. Through this activity, students learn important math skills like spatial visualization. See more


Improving Math Skills with Math Practice

Considering the important role math plays in our lives, it is not surprising that many parents worry about how they can help improve their child’s math skills. Being good at math helps improve one’s anakytical and reasoning skills. Math skills are needed to do well in subjects like physics and chemistry. In higher education, math is used in subjects ranging from psychology to accounting. Fortunately, with just a little practice, your child can make great improvements in his/her math skills.

Practice is the best way to improve one’s math skills. Parents can use the free math worksheets available online to give their child extra math practice. Depending on the math skill to be practiced, parents can choose from a wide range of topics. There are addition worksheets, subtraction worksheets, multiplication worksheets and division worksheets to choose from. Further, there are worksheets on topics like place value, counting and time. It is important to make sure your child has no problem with basic math skills before moving them on to more advance mathematical operations.

Practicing Math Skills for All Grades

Whether your child is in primary school, middle school or high school, he/she can practice math skills with ease. All one needs to do is find the right math practice problems. For example, to practice 4th grade math skills, your child should find 4th grade math worksheets. To practice 5th grade math skills, your child can look for 5th grade math worksheets. 6th grade math skills are practiced with 6th grade math worksheets. Alternately, you can look for math practice problems for the very math skill your child needs to practice. However you choose to go about it, raising your child’s math grades is now a piece of cake!

Check out other ways in which you can help your child excel at math:


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