Math Lesson Plans

Math Blaster has a large collection of printable math lesson plans that help teachers introduce and practice important math concepts with their students in a fun, engaging way.


Dividing by 1-digit and 2-digit numbers; greater than, less than

Dr. Zero’s Division Puzzles

Can your young mathematicians defeat Dr. Zero? They will need to use their strategic thinking skills as well as their division skills to fight him. See More


Shape terms

Shapeword Crossword

This printable geometry activity is great for a revision lesson. Shapeword Crossword is a crossword puzzle with pictures for clues. See more


Creating shapes

Getting in Shape

Here’s a chance for your entire class to get in shape. Many shapes, actually. In Getting in Shape, students position themselves in different ways to form different shapes with a piece of yarn. See more


Understanding shapes

Cut Ups

Cut Ups is a great activity to include in a lesson plan on shapes. In this activity, students use basic printable shapes to form other shapes, learning a great deal about the different shapes in the process. See more



Addition activities - Addition to 18

Bug Capture

Bug Capture is an addition game based on luck. Players roll two dice and add up the total, trying to get the right sum in each round. This game is perfect for practicing mental math. See more


Addition activities - adding and subtracting 2-digit numbers

Target 50

Target 50 is a challenging math game that can be used to help kids develop their problem solving skills, addition and subtraction skills and mental math skills. See more


Free math activities - adding and subtracting 2-digit numbers, greater than, less than

Chain of Clues

In Chain of Clues, players must read the clues on each other’s shirts and figure out the answer to each one, collecting signatures as they solve the clues. There’s a lot of addition and subtraction involved, making this game great for practicing mental math. See more



Number Patterns - Free Multiplication Activity

Number Patterns

Number Patterns is an activity that teachers can use to help their students understand multiplication better. The activity is about products and how they are related to each other. See more


As I Was Going - Fun Multiplication Activity

As I Was Going

Silly rhymes, funny drawings and lots of laughter – who would think this was a math class? Students need to use their logical thinking and multiplication skills to solve the multiplication problems in this fun printable activity. See more


Where is Hops - Free Math Lesson Plans for Kindergarteners

Where is Hops?

From identifying number patterns and sequences to counting by twos, teach kindergarteners important math concepts with ‘Where is Hops?’, our fun, free and printable math lesson plan and activity! See more


Who's This? - Free Preschool Math Activities and Lesson Plans

Who's This?

Teach preschoolers numbers from 1 – 20 with our fun math puzzle, ‘Who’s This?’! Free and printable, this math activity can be used by teachers as well as homeschooling parents. See More


What a Deal - Math Activities on Identifying and Counting Money

What A Deal!

Teach kids all about calculating with money with our fun, free and printable math activity, ‘What A Deal!’! See More



What to Look for in Math Lesson Plans

A math lesson plan outlines the content and course of a math lesson. Math lesson plans act as guides for teachers as they introduce and practice important math concepts with their students. It is therefore important that math lesson plans are designed keeping the best teaching practices for math teachers in mind. A good math lesson plan should allow for plenty of practice of newly learned math concepts. In mathematics, the importance of practice cannot be emphasized enough. A math lesson plan that includes time for practicing the mathematical operation just taught warrants positive results. For one thing, practicing math problems enhances retention of the lesson learned. Also, practicing different kinds of math problems makes it easier to highlight flaws in understanding, if any exist. When a child answers practice math problems in the classroom, teachers can get immediate feedback on student understanding, and review concepts that seem confusing to the students.

Math Lesson Plans that Assign Practice Problems for Homework

For better results, a math lesson plan should assign practice math problems as homework too. It is possible that while a student can solve practice math problems immediately after they are explained, he/she faces problems solving similar problems at a later point in time. In such cases, teachers can detect the problem based on the student’s completion of the homework problems, and offer to explain the math concept to the student once again.

Free Math Lesson Plans Online

Luckily for teachers, there are plenty of websites that offer good math lesson plans online for free. These free math lesson plans can always be modified by teachers to include as many opportunities for math practice as deemed necessary. Teachers can find many websites that offer free practice problems as well. Math worksheets can be found for any age group or difficulty level.

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