Math for Preschoolers

Though they may not realize it, preschoolers are surrounded by numbers every day! Helping them to recognize numbers and grasp different math concepts at an early age will set them up for school success!


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Math Games and Activities are Beneficial for Preschool Kids

Preschoolers are generally curious about everything around them. They are at an age where they pick up ideas and concepts easily and their growth and learning increases significantly.

Parents and teachers can make preschoolers play simple online math games or can even carry out easy math activities with them. A trip to the grocery store could mean counting the number of vegetables that you are picking up. You can introduce them to the concept of time by talking about what time of the day it is – morning, afternoon, evening or night. By integrating math in their everyday activities, preschoolers begin to enjoy the process of learning math and are able to grasp it better.

How to Introduce Preschoolers to Different Math Concepts

Teaching preschoolers math concepts is easy and can be done in various ways. There is more to math for preschoolers than just counting. The different concepts of numbers, amounts and time gradually take shape during these years.

Simple Everyday Math Games and Activities for Preschoolers:

  1. Give preschoolers cutouts of different numbers. Let them identify the numbers and then arrange them in order.
  2. This is one great travel game if you want to keep your preschooler quiet and occupied during the journey. Give the preschooler a number and ask him/her to spot that number as many times as possible on the way – on number plates, billboards, etc.
  3. Give your preschooler a handful of treats and ask him/her to divide them equally among his friends.
  4. After you are back from your trip to the grocery store, ask your preschooler to separate all the vegetables of one type and count how many there are.
  5. Play time can also be math time! Get the little ones to count all the Lego pieces or all the toys that they have.

Start preschoolers on any of these activities and make learning math fun! You can also come up with your own activities that will help them move from simple counting to understanding addition, subtraction, etc.

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