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One, two, three, go! Teach your kids to count in a fun and entertaining manner with our free, online counting games! Learning to count is the first step to learning math. From learning numbers and number names to learning to count, the journey is an important one for all kids.


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Free Counting Games Online

Preschoolers and kindergarteners learn numerous key skills and concepts at a rapid pace. Counting is one such important skill that the little ones need to learn.

In order to engage kids and ensure that not only are they able to understand the concept well, but are also enjoying the learning process, it is a good idea to engage them with games and activities that are interactive and fun! The internet is a valuable resource for all teachers and homeschooling parents who are looking for fun ways to teach their little ones counting. These games use fun images, graphics, and sounds, and integrate counting in them. Get started with these and watch the little ones get pros at counting in no time!

Counting Games for Preschoolers & Kindergartners

Counting can be taught with easy, fun games at home. Give the kids a bunch of coins and teach them to count. Start with very small numbers, for example, counting up to 5, then 10, etc. Once they are comfortable till a certain number, teach them to count to higher numbers. Gradually, introduce the concept of skip counting to them. It is this counting skill that will also help them when they begin to learn about money and will need to count money. So get the kids started off on some fun, easy and exciting counting games online and encourage them to learn faster and better!

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