Time Activities

Teach your kids all they need to know about the concept of time by introducing them to Math Blaster's time activities for kids. Check out these free and printable math activities today!


Clock Concentration – Time Activity for Kids - Math Blaster

Clock Concentration

“Clock Concentration” is a highly adaptable math activity perfect for kids that need to practice telling the time on analog clocks. See more


Clock Diary – Time Activity for Kids - Math Blaster

Clock Diary

“Clock Diary” is a fun class activity that encourages students to share their feelings in a diary and gives them extra practice telling time as well. See more


A.M and P.M - Time Worksheet for Preschoolers – Math Blaster

A.M and P.M

A.M and P.M” is a fun drawing worksheet that helps young learners understand the mysterious concept of A.M and P.M. Compile the class’ drawings to create a cute class book about time. See more


Patterns in Time - Free, Fun Math Activities on Telling Time

Patterns in Time

‘Patterns in Time’ is a fun math activity that teachers can even use in the classroom to teach kids to read time! See more


Free Time Activities for Kids

Make learning to tell time more interesting for kids with fun time activities! Get creative and come up with interactive ways to teach the little ones all about time!

Can your kids tell what time of day it is? Do they associate events with different times of the day – for example: Dad goes to work in the morning; kids return from school in the afternoon; people go to sleep at night; etc? Are they able to comprehend the concept of elapsed time?

Understanding of time is fundamental to the understanding of a range of other important mathematical concepts. From the basic use of knowing how many seconds constitute a minute, how many minutes constitute an hour etc. to being able to perform complex speed and distance calculations, time lends itself useful to us in a lot of different ways. Help your child understand this all important math concept and master it with ease by introducing her to Math Blaster's online time activities for kids.

Online Time Activities for Kids

Familiarize kids with all time-related concepts with free time activities! Whether you are a parent or a teacher, there are many everyday activities that will help you talk about time with the kids. You can ask the little ones to make a simple clock and talk about the hours hand and the minutes hand as they try and get creative. Asking questions such as ‘How long were we at the mall?’, or using statements such as ‘We were at the market for 2 hours’, will familiarize them with the concept. As kids grow older and understand the basics, you can engage them with activities that will teach them more advanced time concepts such as, ‘If I took 90 minutes to cook, how many hours and minutes did it take?’

Hands-on, interactive time activities are a great way to get things started. Kids are sure to learn faster and better with such activities!

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