Proportion Activities

Proportion activities are very useful for demonstrating the various real-life applications of this math concept. Download these activities and try them out with your class today!

Giant Candy – Free 5th Grade Proportions Activity - Math Blaster

Giant Candy

Turn your lesson on proportions into a fun and exciting art class with this printable proportions activity, ‘Giant Candy’. See more

How Many Sugar Packets – Free 5th Grade Proportions Activity - Math Blaster

How Many Sugar Packets

‘How Many Sugar Packets’ is an interesting proportions activity that investigates how much sugar is present in common junk food items. See more

If I Owned a Bullet Train – Free 5th Grade Proportions Activity - Math Blaster

If I Owned a Bullet Train

‘If I Owned a Bullet Train’ is a fun proportions activity that explores what it would be like to get around the city on a bullet train. See more

The Price is Right – Free 5th Grade Proportions Activity - Math Blaster

The Price is Right

This free math activity demonstrates the importance of using proportions to determine the actual price of objects, instead of just looking at the total price of the pack. See more

Life-Sized Dolls – Free 5th Grade Proportions Activity - Math Blaster

Life-Sized Dolls

Find out what your dolls would look like if they were to become as tall as you are with this fun proportions activity, ‘Life-Sized Dolls’. See more

Proportion activities are the first step to solving complex Proportion word problems. Fun math activities spark an interest in kids that in turn helps students when it comes to solving advanced proportion problems. Activities are fun and interesting, and a great learning experience.

How Do Proportion Activities help?

These printable activities are a convenient way to learn the complex concept well.  The free proportion activities for middle school will also aid teachers and parents to gauge how well the students have understood the concept and figure out their problem areas.

Free Proportion Activity Sheets

The activity sheets are free and can be downloaded and printed multiple times from Math Blaster, both for single and multiple uses. The PDF Proportion printables will help students come to love the concept and solve them with eagerness and fun. The challenge lies in solving the activity printables first and then gradually moving towards complex story-problems.

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