Graph Activities

With the large number of graph activities available for teachers and parents online, teaching students about graphs is now easier than ever!

Apple Preferences – Printable Free Graph Activity for Kindergarten

Apple Preferences

Bar graphs can be drawn in two ways – vertical and horizontal. Are the two any different from each other? Find out with this fun math activity.See more

Be a Sport – Printable Free Graph Activity for Fifth Grade

Be a Sport

How do the boys and girls in your fifth grade class compare when it comes to sports preferences? Find out with this fun double bar graph activity.See more

Graphing Surprises – Printable Free Graph Activity for Fourth Grade

Graphing Surprises

‘Graphing Surprises’ is a fun graph activity that is sure to make plotting ordered pairs a lot more enjoyable for your students.See more

How I Start My Day – Printable Free Pie Graph Activity for Kindergarten

How I Start My Day

This pie graph activity for kindergarten gives you a great opportunity to discuss the importance of having a healthy breakfast.See more

Shoe Off – Printable Free Pie Graph Activity for First Grade

Shoe Off

Let your first graders show off their footwear as they practice sorting items and creating bar graphs in this printable math activity.See more

Graph Activities for Kids

The concept of compiling and representing information through graphs is often introduced to students early in elementary school, and this skill remains useful to them for years afterward. Graph activities for kids make the lesson relevant and understandable for young learners, and even give young ones the opportunity to make their own simple graphs. Kindergarten graphing activities and first grade graphing activities are usually bar graph activities that encourage students to create graphs depicting information that is easily available and that young kids will enjoy collecting. Getting the students to graph the eye colors of their friends is an example of a kindergarten or first grade graphing activity. Elementary graphing activities for older students would include line graph activities, circle graph activities and coordinate graphing activities as well.

Coordinate Graphing Activities

Learning to draw on coordinate grids will turn out to be useful for kids in many different branches of mathematics. Coordinate graphing activities help students understand how to plot points on coordinate grids and how to obtain a graph from these points. A popular type of coordinate graphing activity is the mystery picture graphing activity. Here, students are asked to plot a list of points on a coordinate grid. When these points are joined, they reveal a picture. Christmas graphing activities are great for the holiday season, and kids delight in discovering pictures of Christmas items when they join the dots they plotted on a coordinate grid.

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