Geometry Activities

Geometry activities are a great addition to any geometry lesson, because they give students a hands-on understanding of various geometric concepts. Students learn best when they are actively involved in the learning process, and geometry activities let students do just that. Give your students a hands-on understanding of their geometry lessons with our fun geometry activities for kids!


Circling Shapes – Pre-Algebra Worksheet for Grade 1 - Math Blaster

Circling Shapes

In “Circling Shapes”, first graders create a Venn diagram out of yarn and then sort cards into different categories based on their attributes. See more


Cat and Rat – Fun Geometry Worksheet for Third Grade – Math Blaster

Cat and Rat

‘Cat and Rat’ is a cool geometry worksheet that shows kids how to design a maze of their own using only a grid and some tracing paper! See more


Characteristics of Solids – Fun Geometry Worksheet for Kids -Math Blaster

Characteristics of Solids

“Characteristics of Solids” is a great worksheet that lets students explore and manipulate the basic solid shapes in their three dimensional forms before discussing their characteristics. See more


Challenge! Construct Angles – Fun Geometry Worksheet for Kids -Math Blaster

Challenge! Construct Angles

Drawing angles is easy-peasy when you have a protractor, but it is also possible to draw angles without one. Challenge yourself to try and construct the angles in this worksheet without a protractor. See more


Terrific Tangrams - Fun, Free Math Activities for Kids

Terrific Tangrams

‘Terrific Tangrams’ is a simple math activity with shapes that is sure to challenge the little ones! See more


Round Off - Fun, Free Math Activities for 2nd Grade

Round Off

‘Round Off’ is a fun math activity that teachers can use in the classroom to cover concepts such as measurements, estimations, and rounding-off! See more


Geometry Activities for Everyone

Geometry activities for elementary school are rather straightforward – estimating and measuring the lengths of various objects gives students a better understanding of the different units of measurement, and collecting objects that are spheres or cones helps students remember the properties of various geometric shapes. It is important to ensure that even as students grow older, they continue to use geometry activities to aid in their learning. Geometry activities for middle school may include using geoboards or tangrams to help students learn more about shapes and their properties. Toothpick puzzles make fun geometry activities for high school students, encouraging them to exercise their spatial reasoning skills.

Geometry Activities for Better Learning

Interactive geometry activities, by their very nature, helps students understand geometric concepts better and remember them for longer. Moreovoer, geometry activities are a lot of fun, and that ensures more enthusiastic and receptive learners! Next time you sense students struggling with a geometric concept, throw in a fun geometry activity to boost their learning!

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