GCF Activities

Math Blaster's offers a range of fun and engaging GCF activities for kids, developed to help kids ace the concept easily. Check out the collection and print them out now!

Factors with Friends – Printable Free GCF Activity for 5th Grade

Factors with Friends

In ‘Factors with Friends’, kids work in pairs to find the factors of two numbers individually, and then compare the answers to find the GCF. See more

Factor Flowers – Printable Free GCF Activity for 5th Grade

Factor Flowers

Kids race each other to sort factor flowers into the correct flowerpots in this free math activity.See more

GCF and LCM with Venn Diagrams – Printable Free GCF Activity for 5th Grade

GCF and LCM with Venn Diagrams

Use this free math activity to help your kids understand how a Venn diagram works, and then to teach them how to find the GCF and LCM of two numbers with a Venn diagram.See more

GCF Bingo – Printable Free GCF Activity for 5th Grade

GCF Bingo

GCF Bingo is a simple variation of the game ‘Bingo’ that allows a large group of kids to practice finding the GCF of two numbers.See more

Ring the GCF – Printable Free GCF Activity for 5th Grade

Ring the GCF

Move your math lesson into the outdoors with this fun math activity. ‘Ring the GCF’ is a simple game that is perfect for making GCF practice exciting.See more

Free Greatest Common Factor Activities for Kids

Math Blaster's greatest common factor activities are beneficial resources for kids, helping them ace the algebraic concept of finding the greatest common factor of number sets with ease. A thorough understanding of GCF is essential to comprehend the vast mathematical concept of fractions. In order to solve fraction problems successfully, kids need to be able to find the greatest common factor of numbers easily. The free GCF activities available at Math Blaster have been designed for the purpose of giving kids enough practice till they can solve all greatest common factor related problems with ease.

Introduce your kids to Math Blaster's online GCF activities to take their understanding of GCF and fractions to a more advanced level. These activities are perfect for 6th grade and above and are available for free. Print them out today!

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