Circle Activities

Shapes and their related math activities help students graduate to higher grade Math smoothly with a strong base of its basic concepts. ‘Circles’ is an important topic in Math and it should be thoroughly exploited in order to understand advanced concepts in geometry. It’s easy to understand the features of a circle but not many students can familiarize themselves easily with the formula. Circle activities come into use here.

Free Circle Activity Worksheets

The activity worksheets on circle and their features help students to learn the concept spontaneously and grasp it to solve advanced problems. Download the free activity printables from Math Blaster and explore other Geometry concepts such as triangles, angles, etc. Remember the mnemonics of circles and many more with the activity worksheets on circles and their perimeter and radius.

Know the Parts of a Circle

Knowing the various parts of a circle - radius, diameter, circumference and centre - make the rest of the math curriculum easy to understand. Math Blaster’s activity sheets are fun, exciting and challenging! Encourage students to solve these in groups so that they have fun and learn together while working on these circle activity pages.

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