Addition Activities

Math Blaster’s online addition activities are the perfect resources to introduce your little ones to the basic yet all-important concept of addition. Check them out now!


Easter Egg Addition Race - Addition Activity for Kids - Math Blaster

Easter Egg Addition Race

Want to sneak some math lessons in your child’s Easter fun and games? Try this cool kindergarten math activity and learn how. See more


Online Addition Activities for Kids

Make your kids look forward to learning by introducing them to our fun and free addition activities for kids. The interesting activities on offer here will make addition a fun concept for the kids. The hands-on nature of these online addition activities will ensure the basics of the concept are imprinted on their impressionable minds. As kids begin to ace addition, check out our other free math activities for kids.

Free Printable Addition Activities

As kids immerse themselves in our fun math addition activities, you can rest assured that they are in good hands. At Math Blaster, we take utmost care to develop our activities to suit the varied needs of different age groups. Here, you will find addition activities for kindergarten, 1st grade addition activities and so on. So, whether your child is just starting out or is facing trouble with multiple-digit additions, these activities will break down the concept for them in the most engaging and interesting fashion. Watch your kids discard their dread and perceive math as a pleasure. Be prepared for them to come looking for more!

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