Monster Mutt Rescue - Mobile Game for Kids

Monster Mutt Rescue

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  • Monster Mutt Rescue - Mobile Game
  • Monster Mutt Rescue - Math Game
  • Monster Mutt Rescue - Math Games
  • Monster Mutt Rescue - Mobile Games


There are pet games and then again there’s Monster Mutt Rescue – a pet game with a difference! Put your parenting instincts to good use by adopting a rare Monster Mutt and nurture your inter-galactic pet so it grows up to be a big, strong adult. If you take good care of it and trained it well, you’ll be able to unlock lots of new games that you and your pet can play together. Teach your Mutt to control its special powers and put them to good use. Plus, you get extra points for helping to look after other players’ pets!

Check out some of the awesome in-app features:

  • Your Mutt can grow through various age levels until it reaches adulthood
  • Design and customize your pet’s room
  • Loads of mini-games for Mutts
  • Choose from a variety of Mutt species
  • Make new friends using the Friend Finder
  • Play multiplayer games with friends and other Mutts
  • Create a mobile profile and share it with your friends
  • 3D graphics
  • User-friendly instructions and controls
  • Add up to 6 players to a single account