MathBlaster HyperBlast - Mobile Game for Kids

Math Blaster® HyperBlast

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  • MathBlaster HyperBlast - Mobile Game
  • MathBlaster HyperBlast - Math Game
  • MathBlaster HyperBlast - Math Games
  • MathBlaster HyperBlast - Mobile Games
  • MathBlaster HyperBlast - Math Game


If you’re looking for a fun and challenging way to get your child interested in math, there’s good news for you! Math Blaster’s iconic game Hyper Blast is now on mobile and the kids are lapping it up!

As Cadets in the Hyper Blast world, players ride their HyperCycle and embark on an exciting inter-galactic adventure that involves outsmarting alien robots, getting past a variety of obstacles and putting your math skills to good use – remember, the Universe is counting on you!

The game has the look and feel of a well-designed video game and uses colorful graphics and fast-paced gameplay to get them young children hooked to math. The learning approach built into the game boosts players’ speed as well as accuracy in doing math operations that are an integral part of the game. In fact, they seem to be so much a part of the game, that your child will hardly realize he’s doing math!

You’ll absolutely love these in-app features:

  • 30 different levels of math
  • 4 math subjects – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
  • Adjustable gameplay, difficulty levels and math lessons
  • Supports Spanish and English
  • 3D graphics